• Sean Lee Set to Return
  • Cowboys Post Season Invoices Mailed Out
  • The Wheels of America’s Team
  • Fantasy Football War: Be Draft-Ready
  • Prediction: Cowboys vs Giants
  • An All-Cowboys ‘Madden 25′ Roster: Who Makes the Cut?
  • Cowboys moving to Frisco
  • Under the Microscope: Romo’s Fantasy Prowess

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Dec 04
12:09 PM

FROM ESPN – Dallas Cowboys middle linebacker Sean Lee will return after a two-game absence for next Monday night’s game against the Chicago Bears, owner/general manager Jerry Jones said Tuesday. Lee confirmed later Tuesday afternoon that he’s ready to return, saying he was “ready to roll” against the Bears and that he’ll return to practice […]

Nov 22
3:14 PM

The Cowboys sent out a nice email today indicating it’s time for season ticket holders to pay for their post season tickets. They are offering a couple of different ways to pay this year including a popular option, “Pay as we play”. Here is a copy of the email: As we near the end of […]

Nov 05
4:09 PM

Each Sunday in football season, Jerry Jones heads from his $12 million house to his $3 billion stadium, but does so in conspicuous thrift. Jones, according to an interview with CNBC, drives a relatively modest Lincoln Town Car (approximate value, $50,000 new) instead of a sports car that costs ten times as much. While Jones […]

Sep 06
6:28 PM

Isn’t the point of Fantasy Football bursting your buddies’…bubbles? You want to demonstrate your superior handicapping skill versus other intense fans. Isn’t this done better in person? Hosting the perfect draft (and home-field advantage is key) requires careful planning and close attention to detail. 1. Keep a legal pad nearby to jot notes. Use the […]

Sep 03
10:43 AM

Here we are again. At the cusp of another NFL season in which the Dallas Cowboys will open up against the hated New York Giants. The Cowboys are again predicted to perform well this season while the Giants are estimated to backslide 1 year removed from their SuperBowl victory over the New England Patriots. I’ve […]

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Jay Ratliff Arrested after DWI

ESPNDallas.com – Dallas Cowboys starting nose tackle Jay Ratliff was arrested and charged with DWI in the early morning hours Tuesday after he crashed his 2011 Ford pickup truck into a 18-wheeler, according to Grapevine, Texas, police senior officer Sam Shemwell. Ratliff and the driver of the tractor trailer were not injured, according to Shemwell. […]

NFL Season Predictions

Everyone does it. Everyone already has their mind made up how many games their team will win this year, who’s going to win the divisions and who’s going to win the Super Bowl. Well, let us partake in this game of guessing and predictions. We will pick this years division winners and the representatives from […]

Who Will Be The Third Receiver In 2013

With Tony Romo now signed for the long-term, the next step is to surround him with enough talent to make a true playoff and Super Bowl push. While the first two wide receiver spots are locked up, there will be an intriguing training camp battle for that third spot. It will be between Dwayne Harris […]

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